21 lutego, 2024

13 June 2024 (Thursday)

18:00 Gdańsk Reception (Gdańsk Shakespeare Theatre, Bogusławskiego 1)
20:00 Opening Ceremony (Długi Targ)

14 June 2024 (Friday)

08:30 Board Meeting (Instytut Kultury Miejskiej, Targ Rakowy 11)
10:00 Opening of the Economic Forum (Amber Expo, Żaglowa 11)
11:00 Opening of the Hanseatic Fair(Świętopełka Square)
11:00 Partnerships for Culture (Gdańsk Shakespeare Theatre, Bogusławskiego 1)
12:00 Summit of Mayors (Opatów Palace, Cystersów 11)
16:00 Hanse Commission (St. John’s Centre, Świętojańska 50)
18:00 HANSEartWORKS Vernissage
19:00 Lübeck Reception

15 June 2024 (Saturday)

10:00 Delegates’ Assembly (St. John’s Centre, Świętojańska 50)
19:00 Visby Reception (Artus Court, Długi Targ 43/44)

16 June 2024 (Sunday)

09:30 HanseVerein Meeting (Instytut Kultury Miejskiej, Targ Rakowy Street 11)
12:00 Holy Mass and Ecumenical Prayer (St. Mary Basilic)
13:00 U15 Unity Cup Final
15:00-16:00 Closing Ceremony (Długi Targ)

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Bureau of the 44th International Hanseatic Day

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Copyright © 2023 Fundacja Gdańska

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