Economic Forum

20 lutego, 2024

The Economic Forum is hosted by the Gdańsk Economic Development Agency and the Gdańsk
International Fair.

Friday 14 June 2024, framed from 10:00-15:00.

Panel discussions and presentations will cover the following topics:

Offshore Wind and Renewable Energy Sources: Opportunities and Threats – Energy
Security and the Energy Transformation of Poland. Trends in company participation in offshore
wind energy projects. Examples of cooperation between the offshore wind energy sector and the
traditional maritime industry including shipbuilding.

Not only astronauts: Space industry as an opportunity for Pomerania’s development
Construction of the centre of the Polish Space Agency (POLSA) in Gdańsk and its tasks. Use of
satellite data in practice. Space technology and city and regional governments – opportunities and

The cyber threat landscape and the organisation of cyber security in the public sector
What can we do to increase the cyber security of public institutions? How to promote cyber security
awareness initiatives? How to educate staff and promote the IT sector? What innovations does
Gdańsk have to offer in the area of cybersecurity?

Innovative economy in Gdańsk-Showcasing the economic potential of Gdańsk, InvestGDA and
the success of large companies in the local market. Cooperation between business and science
within the Association of Fahrenheit Universities.

The factual panels will be complemented by time for networking and a study visit to one of
Gdańsk’s industrial facilities.

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